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Rochambeaux is an Arizona based hard rock project that combines a dark and heavy rhythm section with insanely melodic lead guitarwork. This armada of sound is helmed by a vocal mad man who brings forth an eerie and precise style comprised of influences ranging from Metal pioneers to R & B legends.

With no agenda or platform higher than simply creating fun and interesting heavy music with obscure and universally vague meanings, Rochambeaux just might be what you're looking for in this age of not knowing what to think of anything anymore.

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Rochambeaux is:

Paul Schneider - Vocals

Wayne Boyd - Guitars

Mike Mejia - Guitars

Mike Harris - Bass

Matt Heatwole - Drums

Algorithm Live

Anatomy of a Shadow Live


Saturday, August 22, 2009

End of Summer

As summer grows closer to an end, so do the sessions for this album. Paul has maybe one more session left in him, and the vocals should be complete. Mike has been working hard the last few weeks to finish his guitar work. He may need a couple more sessions to polish up the hooks, but he's almost there. Eric needs a few appearances to finish his contributions and then only the final touches of mixing and mastering remain. No promises, but...the album should be ready by the end of October, or Thanksgiving at the latest. Please stay tuned for release and promotional details for the whole 2 of you who read this blog. If there are more of you out there, forgive my ignorance and make yourself known. There may be free merchandise in it for you. Either way, much love and thanks for all the support.